paperless recorder / transient
14 bit | 1134 BNC

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paperless recorder / transient paperless recorder / transient - 14 bit | 1134


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Berkeley Nucleonics is introducing the fastest sampling transient recorder available. The Model 1134 Transient Recorder features a 14-Bit design with blazing sample rates. Each 1U Rack Mount unit provides 4 channels of sampling at rates up to 2GHz. The signal bandwidth may be up to 300 MHz.

1) Data acquisition at high speeds is parsed into 3 phases - Data Acquisition Here the analog input signal is continuously sampled at a preset sampling frequency. The settings are stored safely in analog memory. A single trigger signal initiates a memory condition whereby the sampling is paused and memory is stored. At this point in time, the previous 2520 data samples are stored in memory.

2) Digitize and Store When Data Acquisition stops, the samples stored in an analog memory in the Model 1134 are read out rapidly and translated to digital data over 14 bits. The data is then stored in event RAM. The end of the conversion to digital triggers is recognized by the system and a flagged in an internal register.

3) Read Out The data from the RAM may be read out via the acquisition system. This operation lasts a few mS for the full readout of a 4-channel recorder. The fast readout speeds allow acquisition frequency close to 100 Hz for readouts of 2520 points for each active channel.