Brushless electric motor / DC
1/5 - 1/16 HP, IP44, RoHS | 22B series BODINE ELECTRIC COMPANY

The 22B series is a range of BLDC Motor from Pacesetter. It i s enclosed in a non-ventilated casing with an IP-44 protection degree. It has plug-in connectors that accommodates electrical connections, and an electronic commutation that gives a noiseless operation and low electro-magnetic interference. It is designed with a hall sensor assembly to provide an accurate commutation. The wound stator of this series has exposed lamination the delivers proper heat transfer and enables maximum power per motor frame size. The series is also integrated with rate earth magnets on the rotor to give a high torque and a low rotor inertia. The motors can be used with a various controls, such as servo amplifiers, that produce square-wave current for 3-phase, 4-pole brushless motors with 60° commutation



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