Brushless electric motor / DC
1/3 - 3/8 HP, IP44, RoHS | 34B series BODINE ELECTRIC COMPANY

The 34B series manufactured by Bodine Electric Company is a Brushless DC electric motor which features its motor that is totally enclosed and non-ventilated. Also, it comes with a protection class of IP44 and a plug-in connectors which facilitates electrical connections. It uses an electronic communication which enables it to have a more quiet operation and low electro-magnetic interference. For accurate commutation, its hall sensor assembly is precisely molded. Plus, it is equipped with a wound stator having an exposed lamination which offers an excellent heat transfer and a maximum power per motor frame size. In addition, it uses a rate earth magnet inside the rotor which gives the whole unit a high torque capacity and low in rotor inertia.



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