Brushless electric motor / DC
590 - 2 700 W, RoHS | e-TORQ™ series BODINE ELECTRIC COMPANY

Features and Benefits

Our patented e-TORQ™ motors have the potential to alter the way engineers approach rotary motion. Extremely high torque, energy efficiency, and extraordinary precision make e-TORQ motors the practical direct drive solution in applications which traditionally required a speed reducer.
The ironless stator of the e-TORQ motor eliminates the iron saturation common to most other types of motors, and allows the motor to run smoothly at extremely low speeds, even when powered by a standard drive.
e-TORQ's high peak torque capability can allow, in certain applications, the elimination of costly gearboxes and reduce the risk of lubricant leaks. For example, a 14-inch e-TORQ motor can deliver more than 200 lb-in. at speeds of up to 1,200 rpm.
When combined with a high performance digital amplifier, a Bodine e-TORQ system becomes an easy-to-set-up, high performance motion control solution. e-TORQ motors can eliminate the need for a planetary gearhead, or other mechanical gear reduction methods.

- Three standard frame sizes: 7-inch and 14-inch, and a new 9-inch design.
- Up to 20 lb-in for 7-inch diameter; up to 40 lb-in for 9-inch diameter; up to 200 lb-in for 14-inch diameter.
- Smooth operation without cogging and vibration.
- Ironless stator design.
- High torque linearity.
- Multiple windings are possible at any voltages between 24V and 300V.
- Patented technology.

- Zero cogging at slow speeds.
- No maintenance.
- No lubricants to leak.
- High accuracy.
- High torque.
- High reliability.
- Quiet operation.
- Alternative to planetary gearmotors.
- Wide variety of amplifier and feedback options.



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