brushless motor controller / DC / compact



  • Motor type:


  • AC/DC:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Input voltage:

    12 V, 24 V, 14 V, 35 V

  • Current:

    27 A, 30 A

  • Output voltage:

    Max.: 24 V

    Min.: 0 V


The type ABL-3906C brushless DC Control operates from a DC power supply or from a battery (12 VDC or 24 VDC, depending on the control model). The control provides the necessary electronic commutation and phase current switching to operate Bodine low voltage brushless DC gearmotors and motors.

Standard Features

- Input Voltage Range: 12-14 VDC (model 3908) or 24-35 VDC (model 3909).
- Control Functions: include dynamic braking, direction, and enable.
- Speed Adjustment: can be controlled by an external potentiometer (included), the onboard MAX speed trim potentiometer, or a 0-5 VDC analog input signal.
- User-Adjustable Pots: for speed settings, torque limit, acceleration time.
- 12 PPR (pulse/revolution) tach output provides indication of motor speed.
- Inherent closed loop system maintains a 2% maximum change in motor speed from 0-100% of rated load when operated at rated speed.
- Smart Reverse™ circuit prevents plug reversing if the user accidentally or intentionally changes the direction signal without bringing the motor to a stop first.

Application Information

- Extended 2-year system warranty when a Bodine gearmotor/motor and control are purchased together.
- Model 3909 drives Bodine 24V brushless DC motors and gearmotors up to 3/8HP.
- Model 3908 drives custom 12V BLDC motors and gearmotors. Call for details.
- To be mounted in separate enclosure supplied by user.
- Output voltage is up to 95% of input voltage.
- 20kHz PWM switching frequency.
- Rated for +50° C ambient (max).
- Commutation is 60°.