SCR DC drive
1/3 HP, 115/230 V, NEMA 4, RoHS | 1865 BODINE ELECTRIC COMPANY

Unfiltered SCR Motor Speed Control

Standard Features
- Operates from 115 Volt AC or 230 Volt AC line.
- Switchable output for 0-90 Volt DC or 0-180 Volt DC.
- Back EMF feedback maintains better than 2% speed regulation.
- Dip switches to easily calibrate control for different motor sizes.
- NEMA 4 enclosure for wet or dirty environments.
- Trim pots on PC board to adjust torque limit, minimum speed limit, maximum speed limit, acceleration time, deceleration time, and speed regulation.
- Speed can be adjusted manually using speed pot on front of enclosure.
- Terminal block inside enclosure for quick line and motor connection.
- Line fuses inside enclosure.
- Toggle switch on front panel to turn AC power on/off.
- Lamp on enclosure indicates when power is on.
- Line filter inside enclosure to reduce conducted EMI.

Application Information
- Rated for continuous operation in 40° C ambient.
- Drives Bodine 90/130 Volt and 180 Volt permanent magnet DC motors, or similar motors made by other manufacturers.



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