SCR DC drive
1/17 - 1/13 HP, 115 V, RoHS | 0810, 0830, 0850 BODINE ELECTRIC COMPANY

Filtered SCR DC Basic Speed Control (open chassis)

Standard Features
- Operates off 115 Volt AC line.
- Filtered DC output for cooler motor operation, longer brush life, lower audible noise, and wider speed range.
- Dip switches to easily calibrate control for different motor sizes.
- Line voltage and temperature compensation minimize speed drift.
- Trim pots on PC board to adjust torque limit, minimum speed limit, maximum speed limit, acceleration time, and speed regulation.
- Back EMF feedback maintains better than 2% speed regulation.
- 10k ohm remote speed pot and 24" connecting wire supplied with each control.
- Connections for optional user-supplied inhibit switch.
- Terminal block for quick line and motor connection.
- Plug-in connector for speed pot and optional usersupplied inhibit switch.
- Flexibility in adding plug-in interface boards. See optional accessories.
- Built-in line and motor fuseholders (both fuses supplied).

Application Information
- Rated for continuous operation in 50° C ambient with no additional heat sink.
- Designed to be mounted in separate enclosure supplied by user.
- Drives Bodine 130 Volt permanent magnet DC motors.
- Drives 90 Volt "SCR duty" and 130 Volt "PWM duty" permanent magnet DC motors made by other manufacturers.



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