air separator / oil / water / condensate
CC xx-x series BOGE



  • Technology:


  • Separated substance:

    oil, water, condensate

  • Application domain:

    for air compressors

  • Width:

    Min.: 255 mm

    Max.: 1,160 mm

  • Flow rate:

    Min.: 2 m³/min (70.629 ft³/min)

    Max.: 60 m³/min (2,118.88 ft³/min)


Design is intended for condensate cleaning in order to prevent
serious environmental damage as 1 liter of condensate can
contaminate 1.000.000 Litres of water. Special laws in all industrial
nations are intended to prevent such disasters by requiring separation
of oil from water and only allow the draining of water.
The BOGE CC condensate cleaner offers top condensate cleaning
performance and works in accordance with a novel fatigue tested
and proven principle where condensate passes trough two powerful
filter elements. It provides zero liquid oil residues, longer filter
replacement intervals and is effective with both synthetic coolants
and conventional mineral oils.

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