video corpo

Screw compressor / stationary / oil-injected
14.4 - 40.8 m³/min, 8 - 13 bar | S series BOGE

S 31-2 up to S 341 models

Exemplary design - economic in operation
- DIN & VDE switch cabinet, protection type IP 54
- clear layout and dirt repellent
- Internal layout clearly defined into three sections
- easy access to all components
- No need for oil stop valve or check valve in valve-less oil circuit
- high reliability
- Super-silencing fitted as standard to the air inlet
- pleasant sound level, easy to upgrade to complete super-silencing
- BOGE control, regulating and monitoring system
- individual, adaptable, economic, reliable
- Small warm air section, complete autonomous cooler unit
- compressor operates even when the cabinet is open for testing or maintenance purposes
- Dynamic, intrinsically safe intake controller
- Designed as standard for proportional control


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