Carton clamp for forklift truck
i-MOVE series BOLZONI S.p.A.

The new Bolzoni Auramo Intelligent Carton and Appliance Clamp Series i-move is the ideal solution in white goods applications.

Thanks to the long experience in intelligent clamp technology, the Bolzoni Auramo Intelligent Carton Clamp Series i-move combines the technical features of the standard carton clamp with the most up-to-datemicroprocessor technology for controlling the clamp operations.

The i-move Intelligent Control System is an automatic system for controlling clamping force, using lowest possible clamping force for all handling situations and white goods configurations.

The system employs advanced sensor technology that identifies the load dimensions and stacking arrangements and then selects the correct working pressure.

Main technical features of i-move system:

Total, automatic clamping force control,
Minimized clamping force during all handling conditions,
Fully computerized Control System,
Automatic clamp positioning control.


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