gear flow divider

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gear flow divider gear flow divider


  • Technology:


  • Displacement:

    Min.: 2 cm³ (0 US fl oz)

    Max.: 51 cm³ (2 US fl oz)


Flow dividers are used as flow equalizers (same displacement in each section), as flow dividers (different displacements in single sections) and as pressure intensifiers (connected to an outlet section). Typical applications for flow dividers are the synchronization of different services, motors and cylinders in mobile agricultural machinery, and the synchronization of stabilizers in construction machinery. Other typical applications are lift platforms and bridges, hydraulic bending brakes, shipping container lifts, lubrication systems, woodworking machinery, and travel motion of trolleys driven by hydraulic motors or cylinders.
Highly reliable and modular. Flow dividers are assembled using sections and covers of the aluminium body series. They can incorporate pressure control valves and are configurable in combinations with from 2 to 6 sections.