Fiberscope inspection kit
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Flexible fiberscopes are great for one-handed operations so that your other hand can do the work. They come in sizes ranging from 0.5mm to 10mm and feature 2-way articulation. They are usually rugged with a stainless steel or tungsten insertion probe and water and oil resistant. They work great for automotive, aircraft, marine, locksmith, plumbing, and machine or casting inspections.


CH-2-4-1000 Articulating Flexible Fiberscope

Diameter: 4.0mm (0.157in)
Working Length: ~1150m (43 in)
Articulation: 2-way 100°
Direction of View: 0° Forward
Field of View: 55°
High Intensity LED Light Source

Brighter, whiter light than 150W Halogen units.
Color temperature: 6500K.
Typical LED life: >50,000 hours.
Dimensions: 4.65′ W x 3.32′ H X 7.25′ D (~10′ overall)
Weight : 2.5 lbs (1.14 kg)


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