Three-flap carton sealer / automatic / hot melt glue
max. 30 p/min | 840e Bosch Packaging Technology


  • Flaps:


  • Characteristics:

    automatic, hot-melt glue


The Doboy 840e carton closer provides an economic carton sealing solution in a compact footprint. The Doboy 840e handles glue sealing of tri-seal cartons. Cartons are received onto the Doboy 840e infeed conveyor at random. Next cases are automatically timed into the gluing section. After glue is applied to major and minor box flaps, the carton is transported to the indexing section. Here the box is pushed up into a compression chamber where the front and side flaps are sealed. The sealed box is discharged when the incoming cartons are pushed up into the closer compression chamber.


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