synchronous linear motor / brushless / DC / iron-core
MLF series Bosch Rexroth - Electric Drives and Controls



  • Type:

    DC, synchronous, brushless, iron-core

  • Voltage :

    500 V

  • Other characteristics:

    compact, stainless steel, cast iron frame

  • Speed:

    Max.: 8.33 m/s (27.33 ft/s)

    Min.: 0 m/s (0 ft/s)

  • Force:

    Max.: 21,500 N

    Min.: 0 N


The MLF linear motors are powerful and offer up to 21,500N maximum force and 600m/min maximum velocity. In addition to their compact construction, these motors feature a titanium alloy and stainless steel sheet metal case, which fits seamlessly in the machining area.

The combination of multiple linear motors, whether in parallel or series, offers an enhanced matching force and new machine concepts. These motors are ideal for projects in which both accuracy and acceleration are important. There is a choice of sizes available to fit the typical requirements of any user in a standard thermal or encapsulation form for maximum stability of temperature. The thermal encapsulation allows for a decrease in heat dissipation.