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Compression load cell / tension / tension/compression / S-beam
S21S Bosche GmbH & Co. KG


  • Type:

    compression, tension, tension/compression

  • Form:



The S type load cell S21S belongs to the S type group of load cells which was specifically designed for measurement of train-and pressure forces. Transducers of this type are symmetrical and have a central thread in the upper and lower part of the load cell to introduce the load which can either be in tension or compression. Because of their good dynamic performance and their symmetrical design, S-shaped load cells also very often used as a force transducer.

The load cells are manufactured from nickel plated alloy steel and characterized with high accuracy and linearity.
These load cells guarantee accurate and reproducible results over a long term in harsh industrial environments. The current calibration output ensures easy and accurate parallel connection of multiple load cells, which removes the need for corner load adjustment.

The S21S load cells are laser-welded and meets the requirements of protection class IP68. The hermetically sealed enclosure allows operation even under harsh operating conditions.

Typical Application: Hybrid scales, overhead track scales, crane scales, Suspended Hoppers- and Tank Scales and weighing systems. Typical application also BIG-BAG Scales and process weighing applications. Force measurements, material testing and the monitoring of cable tension in lift and cranes to prevent overload. The S-cells are also frequently offered as a force transducer in Newtons calibrated.


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