Dynamic mechanical analyzer (DMA)
max. 3 kN Bose - ElectroForce Systems Group

Several ElectroForce® test instruments are well-suited for DMA analysis and QA testing of viscoelastic materials such as elastomers, polymers and composites. These ElectroForce test systems provide a clean, quiet, and low maintenance solution for both material and component testing needs.

The ElectroForce 3200 Series III test instrument can be used for mid-level forces (± 450 N up to 200 Hz), while other ElectroForce instruments cover the range from ± 22 N to ± 3,000 N. The instruments can be provided with hot/cold chambers and other accessories as needed for specific applications.

Key Features
Wide range of force, displacement and frequency
Highly reliable system with minimal maintenance
Versatility for DMA plus fatigue, crack growth and creep/relaxation


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