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15 000 mm | TURNMILL Bost Machine Tools Company S.L.U

TURNMILL is a range of specialised milling lathes for large crankshafts, motor rotors, turbine rotors, rolls, etc. It is the ideal for machining any rolling part which need to be milled, drilled, and/or tapped.

Fitted with a drilling-turning- tapping unit and a shear to carry out large rough lathe machining runs.

> Turning-drilling-milling unit.
The turning-drilling-milling unit with temperature stabilisation, using it B axis enables all machining operations to be carried out at any angle with respect to the work piece.
The angular head is designed for turning, drilling and milling operations. On turning operations, the tool support is positioned and blocked hydraulically. In addition, axis B can be positioned each 1º. The angular head offers the option of incorporating measurement systems which permit the use of the TURNMILL as a measuring machine


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