permanent magnet DC drive / motor / regenerative
RBX series Boston Gear



  • Type:

    permanent magnet

  • Other characteristics:

    motor, regenerative


The RBX Series is a high performance, dual voltage versatile DC motor control which provides a wide range of standard features, with many options that extend its capabilities. The RBX Series will operate 1/8 through 1.0 horsepower at 115VAC input, and 1/4 through 2.0 horsepower at 230VAC input. A chassis only model is available to operate a 1.5 horsepower motor at 115VAC input, or 3.0 horsepower at 230VAC input.The RBX Series is designed for Permanent Magnet, Shunt Wound, and some Universal Series (AC/DC) motors in the above horsepower ranges. The RBX Series incorporates transient voltage protection with adjustable Current Limit and AC fuses for protection. Minimum and Maximum speeds are easily adjusted by trimpots, as is the I.R. Compensation. Acceleration and Deceleration are fully adjustable via individual trimpots.

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