DC motor drive / regenerative
Ratiotrol® DCX Boston Gear



  • Other characteristics:

    motor, regenerative

  • Power:

    Max.: 3 ch (3 hp)

    Min.: 1.5 ch (1.5 hp)


Ratiotrol® DCX controllers statically convert single phase AC line power to regulated DC for non-regenerative, adjustable speed armature control of shunt-wound and permanent-magnet DC motors. These units are ideal for simple MRO modifications to existing drives or for installation in OEM equipment to provide variable speed motor operation with traditional Boston Gear reliability. In addition, these controls feature a number of exclusive advantages. For example, built-in trimpots offer immediate access to a broad range of horsepower settings. And with a selection of four enclosed models, two panel-front models for installation in OEM control cabinets, and three chassis models with up to 3 HP capability and companion optional accessories, Boston Gear's Radiotrol® DCX controllers meet virtually every need.

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