speed monitoring system / for machines / turbine / for safety
E16x346 BRAUN GMBH Industrie-Elektronik



  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for machines, turbine, for safety

  • Other characteristics:

    modular, real-time, digital, multi-channel, PROFIBUS, continuous


Monitoring and Protection System for highest safety requirements up to SIL3

For the protection of all type of "Rotating Equipment" and "Turbomachinery". This includes the protection of turbines, compressors and expanders against overspeed trip and other criteria such as emergency stop, overpressure and overheating.

Outstanding features:
•TMR (triple-modular-redundant) system with sensor monitoring and self-test function with plausibility check
•Highest safety levels with maximum availability by globally unique and true 2oo3 architecture for each trip criterion within each of the three Monitors
•Maintenance-free during lifetime due to integrated automatic proof tests
•Automated tests of a 2oo3 solenoid valve block with permanent monitoring of the feedback via the test generator
•Minimal Total Cost of Ownership
•Requires less than 1% of the permissible PFD value for a SIL3 Safety Loop
•Enhanced safety values due to an integrated test generator
•Replacement of all active components during operation (Hot Swap)
•TÜV certified for SIL3 / IEC 61508:2010
•TÜV certified for PL e; Cat. 3 / DIN EN ISO 13849-1:2008
•TÜV certified for SILCL3 / IEC 62061:2005
•API670 and API612 compliant
•1 PROFIBUS Interface