granite cutting machine / diamond wire / profile / CNC
FUEGO 4X Breton - Natural & Compound Stone Division



  • Material:

    for granite

  • Technology:

    diamond wire

  • Product handled:


  • Control type:



FUEGO 4X reflects the innovative and technological spirit of Breton.

It is a machine suitable for block shaping and slab/small blocks cutting, capable of interpolating 2 axes.
It is usually equipped with a motorized block-holding trolley with brushless motor and loading platform; it enables to execute profiles such as columns, frames and shapes for funerary art and interior decoration, by interpolating the vertical cutting axis with the trolley advance horizontal axis.

Designed on the basis of the single-wire machine "FUEGO Multiaxis", it is equipped with special wire-driving drums which can be oriented adjacent to the entrance and exit of the wire from the block in order to follow the cutting direction; it is equipped with special drives for axis positioning and with a powerful, user-friendly, CAD/CAM programming software to be installed on the customer’s computer.