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Planetary gear reducer / for wheel and track drive
max. 40 000 Nm Brevini Riduttori


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    for wheel and track drive


These compact planetary wheel drives have been designed for numerous self-propelled vehicles with individually motorized wheel drives and hydraulic transmission.

The project of mobile equipment can be simplified by engineers with an improved price and performance ratio. It is possible to adapt the reduction unit to the most suitable hydraulic transmission using the broad range of ratios available. The reduction unit can be disconnected from the motor for emergency towing via the manual release. The broad range of braking systems ensures the versatility of this range of Brevini products. The braking systems include drum brakes, failsafe parking brakes and negative acting multiple discs.

The wheel drives can be utilized in important applications such as access platforms, sweepers, fork lift trucks, agricultural machines and low-speed wheeled vehicles.


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