lithium-ion battery film calendering line
400 / 600/ 800 mm, max. 50 m/min Breyer GmbH, Maschinenfabrik



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    for lithium-ion battery film


The electrode manufacturing process demands some of the production processes including the slurry mixing, coating, evaporation, drying, calendaring, and slitting. During the process of calendering, the increasing of power density, the optimization of the electron transport and the enhancement of the contact between particles are necessary and must be achieved. BREYER has been focusing on the calendering process. The BREYER equipment for calendering includes the unwinding for the coated substrate, the calendering resp. compressing system as well as the winder for the processed electrodes. The experience in field of calendar processing allows the BREYER to enhance a quality calender system, permits extreme line pressures with a special gap adjustment system, to fulfill the standards in precision of the electrode production.

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