Coriolis mass flow meter for low flow rates
max. 3 900 ln/min | mini CORI-FLOW™ series Bronkhorst

Compact, low flow Coriolis Mass Flow Meters / Controllers for liquids and gases
With the development of the mini CORI-FLOW™ series Bronkhorst Cori-Tech B.V. achieved a technological breakthrough in Coriolis mass flow measurements and control, by realising a compact, cost-effective Coriolis Mass Flow Meter/Controller for accurate measurement and control of (very) low flow rates. The unique design of the miniature Coriolis sensor features unsurpassed performance, even with changing operating conditions in pressure, temperature, density, conductivity and viscosity. Contrary to many other Coriolis flow meters on the market, mini CORI-FLOW™ offers integrated PID control and close-coupled control valves or pumps, thus constituting very compact, cost- and space-saving, precise Coriolis Mass Flow Controllers for low flow liquid and gas regulation.

Lowest range 0.15 g/h (1.366.6 mln/min N2)
up to highest range 3300 kg/h (393900 ln/min N2)


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