mass flow meter / thermal / for liquids / digital
LIQUI-FLOW™ series Bronkhorst



  • Technology:

    mass, thermal

  • Fluid:

    for liquids

  • Other characteristics:

    digital, in-line

  • Applications:

    for low flow rates

  • Process pressure:

    100 bar (1,450.38 psi)

  • Process temperature:

    Min.: 5 °C (41 °F)

    Max.: 50 °C (122 °F)


L10/L20 is part of the LIQUI-FLOW™ lineup of digital liquid controllers/flow meters that are exclusively designed for low flow ranges. These devices work on a thru-flow, thermal measurement principle and can be linked with a control valve for an enclosed control loop. The lowest range is v and the highest range is 20 ... 1000 g/h for thermal property based fluids such as H20.