Metal tube variable-area flow meter / intrinsically safe / explosion-proof
25 - 20 000 lph | MT3810 Brooks Instrument


  • Technology:

    metal tube variable-area

  • Protection level:

    explosion-proof, intrinsically safe

  • Process pressure:

    Max.: 103 bar (1493.89 psi)

  • Process temperature:

    Min.: -29 °C (-20.2 °F)

    Max.: 204 °C (399.2 °F)


The MT3810, manufactured by Brooks Instrument, are armored rotameters that are recommended for high pressure, high temperature and demanding applications.

The product features an alarm and 4-20mA with HART and LCD display options for remote flow monitoring. It also offers multiple connection options to match your existing system and provide easy installation.


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