diagnostic software / for machine condition monitoring / rotating machinery
Compass 6000 Brüel & Kjær Vibro



  • Function:

    diagnostic, for machine condition monitoring

  • Applications:

    rotating machinery


Compass 6000 is our flagship condition monitoring and diagnostic system for automatic trending of the health of rotating machinery. It is a modular software system that acquires vibration and process data via either Brüel & Kjær Vibro's own rack-based VIBROCONTROL 6000® or any other supplier's machine protection system using the Condition Monitoring Interface VI-6080. Compass’s monitoring information can be easily exported to a number of different systems.

Compass 6000 has been successfully providing integrated, plant-wide monitoring capability to a number of industries and a wide range of machines worldwide since 1993. Its innovative scalability enables it to be easily used in a number of applications, from single machines to a series of interconnected production plants with hundreds of machines. Compass 6000™ has been designed to optimize performance, uptime and reliability of our customers' machines by providing early fault detection for improved maintenance planning.