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multifunction calibrator / acoustic / for sound level meters
4226 Bruel and Kjaer



  • Measured physical value:

    multifunction, acoustic

  • Applications:

    for sound level meters

  • Noise level:

    94 dB, 104 dB, 114 dB


Multifunction Acoustic Calibrator Type 4226 enables simulated free-field calibration of microphone along with the sound level meters and other related instruments. Type 4226 generates accurate and stable sound pressure frequency which varies from 31.5 Hz to 16 kHz in octave steps and a signal at 12.5 kHz.

With the help of the coupler that is provided, the test signal can be applied to a ½-inch or ¼-inch microphone or it can be picked up from an electrical output. Type 4226 also has the capacity to apply a very accurate inverse A-weighing correction for easy use.

Additionally, an external generator can be connected to Type 4226 if a frequency sweep or semi-automatic test is required.

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