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hydrophone calibrator / compact / precision / laboratory
4229 Bruel and Kjaer



  • Applications:


  • Options:

    compact, precision, laboratory

  • Noise level:

    Min.: 151 dB

    Max.: 166 dB


The 4229 type Hydrophone Calibrator is an accurate, high sound pressure source. It offers a fast and simple way to adjust resonance gauging systems using Brüel & Kjær Hydrophones, in atmosphere. If necessary, the levels of noise pressure made in the couplers can be changed by a 1/2-inch microphone, offering an adjustment precision of below 0.3 dB. Employing a dummy hydrophone, the microphone can be self-calibrated. All Brüel & Kjær Hydrophone Calibrators go through an individual factory calibration making them traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology. The hydrophone calibrator is concise and battery activated, appropriate for both laboratory and field applications.

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