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Reference Sound Source Type 4204 is a calibrated source of sound power with well defined operating aspects and a predictable performance.Due to the ruggedness and stability of the sound power, it is ideal for both field and laboratory use.

There are several ways to use this product. It includes comparison method substitution and juxtaposition methods for deciding on the sound power of noise sources as per ISO 3741 and ISO 3747 respectively. Similarly it also has sound absorption and sound insulation measurements.

The product adheres to ISO 3741, ISO 3747 and ISO 6926 for calibrated sound power sources and frequency variation from 100Hz to 20 kHz. Additionally there is Sound power output 91 dB re 1 pW (A-weighted, 50 Hz line frequency) and 95 dB re 1 pW (Aweighted, 60 Hz line frequency). The Reference Sound Source type 4204 has a Temperature range 10°C to + 50°C and 50 and 60 Hz operation.

It is durable and has long-term stability and comes with individual calibration chart and is fitted with a safety grid.

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