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measurement microphone / prepolarized / free-field / 1/4"
4961 Bruel and Kjaer



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    free-field, 1/4"


Designed for measurements in unpredictable sound field conditions.

Designed for measurements in unpredictable sound field conditions.

Measurements in unpredictable sound-field conditions
Cabin noise measurements
Near-field measurements
Ad hoc sound measurements

The only microphone you will need in multi-fields – free, diffuse or unpredictable sound fields. Ideal for any situation where the nature of the sound field is unpredictable, or if the direction of the dominant noise source is difficult to pinpoint, or shifts over time – such as measuring in cabins in the automotive and aerospace industries.

A revolution in microphone technology, this is the world’s first ¼” measurement microphone that can guarantee that your measurements are accurate and error-free in free or diffuse sound fields and at any angle. It is also well-suited to complex spaces with non-stationary or multiple sources that need to be measured in one go.

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