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mechanical vibration test system
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Vibration test systems consisting of a medium- or high-force electrodynamic shaker and a low-pressure slip table mounted together on a single base. For horizontal- and three-axis testing of payloads up to 1500 kg (3307 lb), such as automotive assemblies.
Part of many vibration testing systems, a slip table typically consists of a magnesium plate sitting atop a smooth granite block, with a lubricating film in between; both are housed in a frame that connects to the shaker’s armature, enabling it to excite payloads in the horizontal position.

Similar to the LDS® HBT series but with reduced stiffness and load-bearing capability, LDS® Combo systems with LPT Slip Tables are suitable for general-purpose vibration testing systems. They offer a cost-effective solution for most R&D and product verification applications, including testing of military equipment, electronic assemblies, and aircraft and automotive components.

Three-axis testing
Testing of avionics and defence hardware
Testing of commercial and military aircraft assemblies
Automotive component testing
Testing of electronic assemblies
Packaging and transport testing