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Triaxial accelerometer / piezoelectric
10 pC/g, 0.1 - 12 000 Hz | 4321 Bruel and Kjaer


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A triaxial, piezoelectric, DeltaShear® Unigain accelerometer, the Type 4321 by Brüel & Kjær features a titanium housing and three autonomous outputs, ideal for simultaneous measurements in three mutual perpendicular directions in which the 3 individual transducers are adjusted autonomously. This accelerometer includes three receptacles (10 – 32 UNF-2A) used for output connection, and can be mounted using M4 screw or a similar threaded steel stud.

This accelerometer can also be used as a charge source.

The sensitivity of the device is presented in charge per unit acceleration (pC/g). The DeltaShear design offers elevated sensitivity to mass ratio unlike others, as well as high isolation from temperature transients and base trains with high resonance frequency. The DeltaShear design features 3 masses and 3 piezoelectric elements that are arranged in a triangular setup on the centre post. The PZ 23lead zirconate titanate piezoelectric element was used for the Type 4321.


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