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Triaxial piezoelectric accelerometer
10 pC/g, 0.1 - 12 000 Hz | 4321 Bruel and Kjaer

Type 4321 is a triaxial, piezoelectric, DeltaShear®, Unigain‚ accelerometer with three independent outputs for simultaneous high-level measurements in three mutually perpendicular directions. Each transducing element is individually adjusted. Type 4321 features three 10 – 32 UNF-2A receptacles for output connection and can be mounted on the object by means of a 10 – 32 UNF threaded steel stud or M4 screw.

This piezoelectric accelerometer may be treated as a charge source. Its sensitivity is expressed in terms of charge per unit acceleration (pC/g). The DeltaShear design involves three piezoelectric elements and three masses arranged in a triangular configuration around a triangular centre post. The DeltaShear design provides a high sensitivity-to-mass ratio compared to other designs, a relatively high resonance frequency and high isolation from base strains and temperature transients. The piezoelectric element used in Type 4321 is a PZ 23 lead zirconate titanate element. The housing material is titanium.

The sensitivity given in the calibration chart is measured at 159.2 Hz and an acceleration of 10 g. For 99.9% confidence level, the accuracy of the factory calibration is ± 2%.


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