Electrical power supply electrical cable / halogen-free / multi-conductor / copper
20/12 kV Brugg Kabel AG


  • Type:

    electrical power supply

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Cable structure:
- Conductors for MV cables to Swiss standards are still made mainly of stranded, round copper wires. The inner and outer cross-linked semi-conductor is permanently fused to the XLPE insulation. The outer semi-conductor layer, together with a layer of round copper wires, forms the shield. An appropriate shield cross-section is assigned to each conductor cross-section.
- The copper wire shield is held together by a copper strip which also ensures the electrical cross-connection between the copper wires. Lengthwise water-tightness is guaranteed by embedding the copper screening in expansion strips. Corrosion protection is provided by a halogen-free, black outer sheath with two lengthwise red stripes.
- Three single-conductor cables may be stranded together to form a triple-conductor or triple-sheath cable. Where cable laying conditions are difficult, it is also possible to lap the cables with tensile and protective armoring consisting of a layer of galvanized flat steel wires.


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