cable reel / hand crank / mobile / backpack
Brugg Kabel AG

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cable reel / hand crank / mobile / backpack cable reel / hand crank / mobile / backpack


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  • Drive mechanism:

    hand crank

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Backpack with Reel
The ergonomic system for deployment of short to medium cable lengths

- Backpack frame in aluminum, anodized green color, equipped with handbrakes, excluding reel, including accessory bag with crank for rewinding
- Reel with the following features:
* extensible axle for easy storage
* separate connector compartment
* Protective sheath covering the cable and two Velcro belts protecting the cable ends with its connectors
* reel delivered ready made to use with cable and connectors
- Number of backpack frames compared to the number of reels is depending on the application

- Outdoors
- Laying cable in various landscapes by a team of two soldiers
- Increased cable length carried by an individual soldier
- Use of full or partial cable length