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LC-NMR/MS Bruker BioSpin



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    mass, nuclear magnetic resonance

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Exact mass of analyzed sample
The Chromatography, Magnetic Resonance & Mass Spectrometry provides the analyzed sample's exact mass to access the sum formula. The LC-NMR/MS setup was initially introduced by Bruker BioSpin in 1999. Bruker NMR-MS interface (BNMI) was used to combine an LC-NMR system including a Bruker Peak Sampling Unit (BPSU-36) with a Bruker Daltonics esquire series ion trap mass spectrometer. Hyphenated systems mostly makes use of maXis / micrOTOF time-of-flight mass spectrometers.

The analyzed sample's exact mass is provided by the time-of-flight mass spectrometers thus providing access to sum formula. This coupled with NMR spectrum for the compound provides a solution. The mass spectrometers and the controlling software are fully integrated into the LC-NMR setup. The mass spectrometer provides mass spectra of the eluted peaks during chromatographic separation. The HyStar™ triggers collection of chromatographic peaks into loops (LC-NMR), or SPE cartridges (LC-SPE™ NMR) based on mass chromatograms.