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SampleCase™ Bruker BioSpin

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SampleCase™ is the first NMR automation solution that provides easy, safe and convenient access to fully-fledged NMR automation at user height. Ensuring simple random access automation without the need for steps or ladders, it also enables manual insertion and ejection of samples with the simple push of a button. The user-friendly system can be fitted to almost any Bruker NMR magnet.

SampleCase is a 24 sample, random-access, automation system that fits almost all shielded Bruker standard bore magnets from 300–900 MHz. The SampleCase mechanism is derived from Bruker’s well-proven, highly successful modern automation devices such as SampleXpress™ and SampleJet™.

Fully compatible with TopSpin™ and IconNMR™ software, it can be added to any modern NMR instrument equipped with AVII or AVIII consoles. SampleCase also provides direct access to the BST and thus is compatible with MAS or CryoFit accessory.

SampleCase is an automation accessory that not only offers safe and convenient sample access on routine NMR systems but is also an excellent choice for high field research instruments.