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minispec mq-ProFiler Bruker BioSpin



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    compact, handheld


The minispec ProFiler is a handheld NMR instrument for relaxation measurements in the near surface volume of unrestricted size samples.

Single-Sided NMR is the generic name associated with these types of NMR devices.

mq-ProFiler: a bench-top spectrometer for single-sided NMR
The mq-ProFiler is a compact NMR relaxometer, equipped with single-sided magnet and RF probes for performing 1H-NMR experiments within the first few millimeters below the surface of arbitrarily shaped samples.

The system is based on Bruker`s well-proven minispec mq series console, a broadbanded electronics unit which works with any kind of minispec probe. The magnet assembly of the mq-ProFiler consists of two rectangular magnets, placed in an antiparallel configuration and fixed to an iron yoke, and generates a static surface field. The winning features that distinguish the mq-ProFiler from other single-sided NMR tools are mainly related to its RF probe design.

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