solids analyzer / identification / portable / for the mining industry
S1 TITAN 800 Bruker Handheld XRF Spectrometry



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    for the mining industry, X-ray fluorescence


The S1 TITAN Handheld Mining Analyzer by Bruker, is a quick and precise tool for all aspects of mining. When in comparison to lab analysis, the capability to make on-site geochemical analysis of mine face and drill cores increases productivity by minimizing the turnaround time from days to minutes. The real time surveys by S1 TITAN swiftly define ore boundaries and depict areas which have the highest potential of having profit. The Bruker X-Flash® SDD (Silicon Drift Detector) is the way for greater operation, since it offers more count rates and resolution than the traditional SiPIN detectors. Furthermore, the SDD enables the operator to measure light elements like silicon, sulfur, and magnesium and eliminating the need for helium purge or vacuum. A better understanding of mineralogy as well as a much more complete understandings on the deposits having minerals is possible thanks to the light element analysis.