atomic force microscope / for analysis / high-resolution / 3D
Dimension Edge™ Bruker Nano Surfaces



  • Type:

    atomic force

  • Technical applications:

    for analysis

  • Other characteristics:

    high-resolution, 3D, high-speed, for materials analysis


This can be considered as a Dimension - Icon System that is introduced by Bruker for providing higher performance and effective functionality. This AFM is useful for the researcher and can provide AFM performance at a very reasonable price. The closed loop - scanner from Bruker forms an important part of the capabilities of this system as this can reduce the noise levels of a closed loop. It is also associated with technology for automatic - image optimization which can provide with consistent, fast and easy results. It has also got capabilities of atomic force microscopy. The device is designed to provide publication - ready data with low noise and low drift within few minutes. It is a highly powerful AFM with reasonable price.