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True model free nanoscale IR absorption spectroscopy
10nm resolution chemical imaging with Tapping AFM-IR
FAST spectra AFM-IR provides high resolution, nanoIR spectroscopy in seconds
Rich, interpretable IR spectra that directly correlates to FTIR
Correlative microscopy with nanoscale property mapping and full featured AFM
"Anasys engineered” for ease of use, productivity and reliability

New nanoIR3 with FASTspectra™ Technology
The nanoIR3 is the latest generation nanoscale IR spectroscopy, chemical imaging, and property mapping system for both materials and life science applications. The system also provides IR-based chemical imaging to provide mapping of chemical variations of the feature of interest. Unique Point Spectroscopy capabilities provide both spectroscopy and chemical imaging with a single source.

Polyethersulphone (PES: Below, Spectral assignments: S = O sym. stretch:1152,1295, CSO2C asym. stretch: 1320, C-O asym. stretch: 1000-1240, Benzene ring stretch: 1485, 1578, Carbonyl: 1731

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