interstitial oxygen analyzer / concentration / for silicon ingot
SiBrickScan (SBS) Silicon Ingot Analyzer Bruker Optics



  • Measured entity:

    interstitial oxygen

  • Measured value:


  • Other characteristics:

    for silicon ingot


SiBrickScan (SBS) is a dedicated at-line system for the FTIR quantification of interstitial Oxygen in complete Silicon ingots, resulting in a precise concentration profile along the longitudinal axis. Accessing this information without sawing wafers or preparation of test samples is a major and cost saving advantage: qualify individual ingots before sawing and optimize the Si crystallization process!

Unique SBS features:
• High sensitivity with achievable Oxygen detection limits < 2 ppma
• High quality calibration directly linked to ASTM/SEMI 1188
• Available for square and cylindrical ingots of different diameters
• Innovative high sensitivity beam path with integrated reference sample
• Intuitive and comfortable user interface
• Automated data evaluation
• Industry compatible and robust design with precise linear drive
• Liquid N2 free infrared detector