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portable enclosure / for desktop computers / in plastic / for instrumentation



  • Construction:

    portable, for desktop computers

  • Material:

    in plastic

  • Application:

    for instrumentation

  • Width:

    9 in, 10 in

  • Height:

    Max.: 4 in

    Min.: 2 in

  • Depth:

    6 in, 7 in


These handsome instrument enclosures are not only light weight and portable, but are also made of economical ABS plastic. The adjustable handle allows for easy carrying and doubles as a tilt stand when used in a desktop configuration.

Design Features
ABS Plastic, UL94-HB flammability rating
Adjustable plastic and aluminum handle
Front and rear panels allow for easy modification
Internal circuit board horizontal mounting bosses and vertical card guides

Finish: Light gray top and bottom covers
Dark gray front and rear panels