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ion beam-assisted deposition machine / thin-film / vacuum / for ophthalmic lenses
BOXER series Bühler Leybold Optics



  • Technology:

    ion beam-assisted

  • Deposition type:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Applications:

    for ophthalmic lenses


The Bühler Leybold Optics BOXER series is the most versatile, productive and practical mid to large size platform for the coating of eyeglass lenses. Based on the different chamber sizes of 700 mm and 900 mm and on the ability to be expanded in several stages, the BOXER series is the ideal choice to fulfill individual production demands – be it for Rx production or stock production. Processes carried out by the BOXER series of coaters range from classic broadband anti-reflection coating to absorption layers (protection against the sun). The BOXER series is also suitable for cleanroom use.
Optimized setup delivers outstanding performance
The BOXER series features a high-powered electron-beam gun positioned in the center of a coating chamber, assuring uniform deposition of the coating materials onto the substrates.
The compact platform design requires minimum floor space and includes powerful vacuum pumps, highly efficient Meissner traps and single or dual quartz crystal monitors for maximum performance.
Different system models allow flexible application
BOXER vacuum coaters are available in four different versions to meet the specific needs of customers. If demands on the system change over time, its hardware can be easily expanded, increasing productivity in turn. Due to its larger chamber volume, the BOXER 900 is already optimized in terms of throughput and fulfills most high-volume production demands.
Numerous customized options are available including a dual quartz crystal monitor, flip-over arrangements and heating systems for mineral glass applications.