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    for production lines


Specific Gravity Separator Vibrograder MTLC
The specific gravity separator Vibrograder MTLC is used in grain milling for the classification and separation of granular materials into high-density (heavy), mixed and low-density fractions. For example, the Vibrograder MTLC can classify and/or separate crushed corn (maize), corn germ and endosperm, light impurities from durum wheat, ergot from wheat or light and shriveled grain from seed.
Outstanding classification improves the quality of the end product.
The specific gravity separator Vibrograder MTLC provides excellent classification efficiency and thus ensures improved quality of the end product at a continuous and consistent quality level:
Using intelligently conceived air distribution, the material being fed through is precisely separated into three fractions according to specific gravity: high-density (heavy), mixed, and low-density fractions. Throughput can reach a maximum of 2.5 t/h.
As an option, the Vibrograder’s field of application can be expanded: At lower capacities, the machine can be employed as a destoner with an auxiliary stone outlet.
Easy to operate for precise adjustment in classification.
Depending on how the machine is adjusted, the user can determine precisely the points at which separation into high-density, mixed and low-density fractions should take place. Precise adjustment of the Vibrograder MTLC can be done in extremely user-friendly fashion: All it takes is a few quick adjustments done by hand.