Powder sampler / for solids / bulk solids / for granule
Allschichtsammler/Multisammler Bürkle


  • Sample type:

    powder, for solids, bulk solids, for granule

  • Technology:


  • Other characteristics:

    stainless steel, portable


The slot sampler is manufactured by Bürkle, and has the smallest possible gap between the inner and the outer tube. It is easy to clean with removable tip, and also has a color coding in multi and uno sampler.

The unit is made up of either aluminium or V4A, and has a total length of 55 cm to 150 cm. It also has an insertion depth of 430 mm to 1355 mm depending on the model. There is a chamber volume of 70 ml to 260 ml, and has up to 5 openings.


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