titration burette / borosilicate glass / chemical-resistant / with splinter-proof sheathing
Titrierbürette mit Splitterschutz Bürkle



  • Options and accessories:

    titration, borosilicate glass, chemical-resistant, with splinter-proof sheathing, unbreakable

  • Material:

    borosilicate glass

  • Volume:

    15 ml, 50 ml, 25 ml (0.507210341 fl us oz)


Burette with splinter-proof sheathing
Adjusted to Ex
Burette made of borosilicate glass 3.3
Shatter-proof, resistant to chemicals
Sturdy stand
Precise discharge jet, allowing very fine drops
Parts in contact with medium: PE, PP, natural rubber, borosilicate glass

The titrating burette with splinter protection is a fast acting burette with Schellbach stripes based on Dr. Schilling's design with automatic zero point extraction and Bürkle dosing armature.

The glass burette has a plastic sheathing which increases resistance to breaking and protects against splinters. The possibility of the burette breaking is much lower than with a conventional burette, and if it does break, there will be no dangerous splinters.

The Bürkle dosing armature allows for precise dosing and exact fine titration with the press button or micro-screw and precise discharge through the discharge jet.