barge crane / boom / shipbuilding / hydraulic
TSK series Büter Hebetechnik GmbH



  • Configuration:


  • Structure:


  • Operating environment:


  • Other characteristics:

    hydraulic, lifting

  • Lift capacity:

    1,000 kg, 1,700 kg, 2,000 kg (2,205 lb)

  • Working height:

    17 m, 17.5 m, 18 m, 19 m (55'09")


Our barge cranes are mainly used to bring cars to and from the deck. We distinguish between two types; star boom and telescopic boom cranes. The advantage of the telescopic crane is primarily in the small space it requires when not in use.
The advantage of our cranes

The standard equipment of our barge cranes already includes technical components and solutions that offer some advantages over the competition.
We would like to emphasise the following features in particular:

Telescopic guide by solid rollers.
Integrated drive in boom for telescopic boom extension.
Hydraulic hose winder.
Robust design for heavy-duty application.
Using top-quality cylinders manufactured in-house.
Low-maintenance bearings for long service life.
Cable guide inside the boom.
Cable pull as block and tackle principle.