signal amplifier / measuring / electronic / for strain gauge sensors
9221 burster präzisionsmesstechnik gmbh & co kg



  • Type:


  • Secondary function:


  • Other characteristics:

    electronic, for strain gauge sensors, for load cells, pressure, DIN rail

  • Voltage:

    Min.: 0 V

    Max.: 10 V


for force, pressure and torque measurement, simple configuration via RS232 interface, connectable via PROFIBUS DP, MIN / MAX memory, limits

-For force, pressure or torque measurement with strain gauge sensors, potentiometric displacement and angle sensors or standard signals ± 10 V
-Resolution 16 bit, sample rate up to 1 kHz
-2 free configurable inputs e.g. reset, tare, etc.
-Simple configuration via RS232 interface
-Networking via PROFIBUS DP up to 12 MBaud
-Mean value, MIN/MAX memory, set point values, zero compensation via PROFIBUS
-DPV1 mode for parameterizing and backup via PROFIBUS
-Potential-free input via differential amplifier

The newly developed sensor PROFIBUS module model 9221 is predestined for the integration of various analog sensor output signals into complex, net worked and peripheral automation structures. This module finds its fields of application in the industrial automation technology as well as the test rig technology based on its secure and reliable transfer mode, the fast transfer speed and its simple construction.

The inputs (e.g. PLC signal gauge) and outputs in addition to the external control allow a zero compensation by trigger via proximity switch or fast alerting on passing of set point values. Industrial type connection and mounting techniques enable the user the adaption and integration in the existing mechanical and electrical environment.

The excellent quality of measurement together with the high grade capture of mean values also enable the application in research and development.

The use of standardized PROFIBUS protocols makes the connection an easy task for the programmer.